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A Movement in the Making

I kayaked with a beluga whale! I saw a beaver in the wild! I climbed a sand dune! I could not have said that until a few weeks ago and … Continue reading

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Memoires de la Belle Province

There are no words to describe the wonders that a good holiday can do to the psyche! I’ve just come back from a few days away and could not be … Continue reading

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Healthy Confusion

Somewhere, mixed up in the mumbo jumbo of the good, bad and ugly of healthy eating, we’ve gotten our priorities mixed up. How else could you explain the mound of … Continue reading

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Blurring the Line

It’s been on everyone’s mind for the last several weeks, but no one has dared whisper it for fear that we’ll be jinxed and it’ll fade into the distance like … Continue reading

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Pet Controversy

Throughout my early childhood years, I remember vividly wanting a pet, a dog in particular. I suppose I met the usual resistance from my family, thinking that it’s a lot … Continue reading

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Divine Intervention

I’m not a particularly religious person.  I’d consider myself a Christian and was brought up going to church occasionally and on the holidays.  I know the basics and have tremendous … Continue reading

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A Glance at Summits Past and Canada’s Place at Copenhagen

This week, it seems as though the world is holding its breath for the Copenhagen Summit and whether or not it will produce the results long hoped for.  Leading up … Continue reading

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