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Techie Tools for Development

The past year has taken me for a wild ride along data collection, fundraising, strategic planning, project design and ICT exploration. Working with Non-Profits can be challenging; they’re slow and … Continue reading

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A Movement in the Making

I kayaked with a beluga whale! I saw a beaver in the wild! I climbed a sand dune! I could not have said that until a few weeks ago and … Continue reading

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Parting Ways with my Laptop

Dear  Laptop, I write to you to thank you for your endless hours of devotion and I know that through it all, you were there for me. Your keys have … Continue reading

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It’s a Sustainable Life

Sus-TAIN-able!! Whoa, I hear it everywhere – from Oprah to Obama, on the news, in the papers, around town, in the grocery stores and I’m sure it’s one of those … Continue reading

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Ideas, Perceptions and Realities

I found an interesting article in the BBC summarizing a study by the PEW Research Center in Washington, DC, which looked at common stereotypes often associated with many African nations. … Continue reading

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The Educational Revolution

From as long as I can remember, education has always been highly regarded in my family. My sister is a teacher and it’s been the family business for the last half-century to promptly and safely deliver … Continue reading

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Entertaining Views

I can’t tell how much time I spend watching TV or reading up on entertainment news. I know it’s a waste of time. I know that watching the Grammy’s or … Continue reading

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Chinese Fortune Cookies

China, China, China. What can I say, it’s a walking contradiction. How can a society, in some ways, have developed thousands of years in advance of the Western World but … Continue reading

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Technology at a Crossroads

The first thing I hear every morning when I wake up; before the dog, before the water running and before the alarm, is the December Winter Wind – so incredible … Continue reading

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