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Social Enterprises take on Poverty Reduction

The below articles looks at how social entrepreneurs are modifying their approach to addressing poverty alleviation in developing countries. Although many entrepreneurs focus on one issue at a time, FXB … Continue reading

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Power of Positivity

This blog has been with me for over a year and I’ve always turned to it as a way to express my ideas and thoughts about what’s happening in the … Continue reading

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The State of our Union

I’m a sucker for drama. I love it; love the intrique, the storylines, the passion, the risks. Throw in some humor and you have the ideal screenplay for my Friday … Continue reading

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The Inadequacies of Language

As a new member of the Quality Assurance Committee at my community Children’s Aid Society, I not only get a chance to learn more about the organization, meet new people … Continue reading

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In the Meeting House

I was recently invited to attend a Meeting House discussion at the Public Library. I’ve never been to a Meeting House discussion so I’m not too sure what to expect … Continue reading

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