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Importance of Relativity

Success! I’ve finally found employment!!! Wooooo0! I’m very excited and as a result, have rewarded myself with doing absolutely nothing! Well,  that’s not exactly true though either, because here I … Continue reading

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Weighing the Pro’s and Con’s of Afghanistan

I’m hesitant to discuss Afghanistan, knowing full well that it connects much of the world’s security concerns and therefore much of t he world’s attention. I’m hesitant because I haven’t … Continue reading

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Challenges of Development

Would the thought of losing your left hand be enough of a deterrent to not commit a crime? It certainly would be for me! Heck, the thought of a fine … Continue reading

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What do Polls Really Say?

I went for a job interview once at a polling company that constructed polls and analysed the data. I thought it could be interesting, especially when the content was dealing … Continue reading

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Fundraising at its Best

I’m truly amazed and a little shocked that funds are still being  raised for Haitian relief. First, the out pour of contributions from regular Joe’s, then the telethons and concerts … Continue reading

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Chinese Fortune Cookies

China, China, China. What can I say, it’s a walking contradiction. How can a society, in some ways, have developed thousands of years in advance of the Western World but … Continue reading

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Foreign Correspondence

I’ve  thought of a career in journalism.  I like being able to express myself in ways that the spoken word couldn’t. But what has made me shy away from the … Continue reading

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Divine Intervention

I’m not a particularly religious person.  I’d consider myself a Christian and was brought up going to church occasionally and on the holidays.  I know the basics and have tremendous … Continue reading

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Security on the Playing Field

As Olympic buzz starts to buzz louder as the opening ceremonies approach, I have flashbacks to the film, “Cool Runnings” – not for its cinematic genius or compelling script, but … Continue reading

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