Saturday Morning Coffee

International Affairs Specialist by day, Blogger Enthusiast by night. This is a sneak peek into my world that should be enjoyed with ample time and a good and very strong cup of java.

Turning Over a New Leaf

My recent health kick has got me out of the house and in to the gym – ironically just above the Superstore, which I chose to look at in a positive light, overlooking all those fruits and veggies as I struggle down the steps following my BodyPump class (a real killer! Beware!) In the past, I had always viewed the gym with hesitation and suspicion, knowing just how hard it will make you work and not always with the rewards hoped for. However, I’ve had a recent change of heart – I initially started going after a friend, day after day expressed how good it made her feel. Knowing my own struggle with the winter blah’s, her ranting and raving got me out of the house and in to the gym – and I think I might be a better person for it! Admittedly, I’m sore. Very sore. But I know it’s a good sore and I definitely can relate to my friend’s jubilation about the benefits of the gym. It’s also motivated me to look at food in a different light – do I really need that slice when I know it’ll take me an hour to burn it off? There’s so many great, colourful and tasty alternatives, why bother? I’m trying things too that I don’t think I ever would have, bored of the same old peas and carrots. Ever tried a celery root? okra? endives? Well, I have! yum yum 🙂 and off I go hunting for a recipe that teaches me how to make them. Ta da! There’s one exhausting, satisfying and fun filled day all in one! Good bye winter blues and hello healthy, toned and happy me! The only thing that I tend to struggle with is the fact that fresh means no preservatives (not including the fertilizers and pesticides that seem to accompany most imported foods) and spoil far too quickly and I end up having a heap of xyz vegetable for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It absolutely kills me to throw out food, knowing very well how scarce it is in different parts of the world. Today, UNICEF is launching a  social media campaign aimed at raising awareness about food droughts in the Sahel region of Africa. It’s pretty awful and makes my daily gym-healthy routine sort of extravagant. At the same time, from my little town just north of Toronto, the most I can do is spread the word and donate my time and attention (sorry, funds are a little low although the right sentiments are there!) to spreading the word. I think sometimes  realizing what other’s don’t have motivates other’s to take advantage of the resources and opportunities that are right under our noses. With that said, I’m off for another gruelling workout, but I’m sure I’ll be better for it in the long run!


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