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Every Little Bit Counts!

In turning over a new leaf and focusing on all the good things happening in the world around me, I found this article (see below) on twitter this morning about some very cute little girls who are growing their hair to donate to the Cancer Society.

I think it’s great that at such a young age, these girls have the awareness for charities and recognize the need to help others throughout tough times. No matter how small the gift, every bit helps! If you’d like to donate or get involved, scroll to the bottom for a contact email.


We are participating in Cops for Cancer in Georgetown Dufferin Peel 2012 to support the mission of the Canadian Cancer Society on March 24th at Square One.

No, we’re not police officers…but our Uncle John is!

In May 2011, when I was only 6 years old, my mom thought it was time for me to get my hair cut.  I asked if I could cut it for cancer.  She said I would need to grow it some more.

Now I’m 7 years old and my hair is finally long enough to cut and donate for a wig.

My sister, Lauren (almost 5), also wants to donate her hair!

Last Christmas, Uncle John had the great idea that we could get our hair cut when he got his hair shaved during the Cops for Cancer event!

We’re really looking forward to the event!

If you’d like to donate via cash or cheque, please contact our mom, Wendy –

Thank you for your support!


The money raised from this event helps fund leading-edge cancer research that is improving cancer treatments, preventing cancer and saving lives; provide reliable and up-to-date information on cancer, risk reduction and treatment; offer vital community-based support services for people living with cancer and their families; and advocate for healthy public policies.

Please pledge us and help me reach my fundraising goal! Every pledge takes us one step further in the fight against cancer. Online pledging is secure and it saves the Canadian Cancer Society money by reducing administrative costs.

If you’d like to donate via cash or cheque, please contact our mom, Wendy –


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