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Pushing the Limits

I stood at the base of it, looking up and contemplating the outcome of what I was about to do. I hadn’t expected it, but now that I was here, I couldn’t turn back or otherwise face scrutinizing looks and a long trek back. What stood before me wasn’t a mountain or glacier, but instead a ginormous sand dune that formed a sort of cliff overlooking the sea, and which inevitably separated me from my vehicle. I know now, the accomplishment wasn’t so spectacular, but at the time it certainly was! I approached it cautiously, opting to take the slow route on a diagonal instead of the otherwise perilous path upward. Ten feet up, I noticed that my shoes that were meant to be supportive, were actually causing more distress to my climb than expected. I took a moment to untie them, take off my socks and let the sand rush through my toes and oddly enough, it’s my toes that made the journey easier. I glanced over at the sea, taking in the atmosphere, tying my shoes together and throwing them through my purse strap, and turned back to face the task at hand. With a few breaths and subsequent pauses, I finally made it with my friends cheering me along the way! A large bottle of water later and shoes safely back on my feet, I was able to take in exactly what I had done and enjoy the scenery from the top, thankful that I did it, but also relieved it was over! It was certainly a challenge and I’m not one to back down from a challenge, but in hindsight I can see why people push themselves to the very limit, despite the pain and agony that they put their body through, the result is exhilarating – something to tell the grand kids. Although my sand dune wasn’t the Iron Man or the Patagonian Expedition,  it was mine and something to use as a starting point – perhaps my next trek will include ropes and harnesses? Who knows, but anything is possible. And if amputees are known to have crossed the country and climbed mountains, then there is surely no excuse.


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This entry was posted on 13/08/2010 by in adventure travel, eco-tourism, fitness, Health and Body, tourism.

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