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Parting Ways with my Laptop

Dear  Laptop,

I write to you to thank you for your endless hours of devotion and I know that through it all, you were there for me. Your keys have been a helpful reminder that who I am is partly due to your unfailing support. I’ll not forget the long nights we spent together drudging through research reports, surveys, statistics and the like to come up with the perfect research paper, or the feeling of excitement once you found a lost tune via YouTube. You helped me to grasp all that Facebook, Twitter and WordPress have to offer, and although I’m not as close to Excel as I am with you, I feel we’re much closer because you were around. You are truly one of a kind! But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and it’s with this knowledge that I soon must bid you adieu as your start-up speed, firewall settings and search capabilities – I’m sorry to say it – are falling behind. I don’t consider this a dismissal, but rather a parting of ways that I think will be good for both of us. It might just be time you finally take that trip you finally dreamed of with you wife, Faxie Machine – didn’t you always want to visit Silicon Valley? Think about it. I’ll be looking around for your replacement shortly – perhaps venturing away from PC World altogether, Apple seems to be working wonders for many, and in the meantime, keep you screen up, your keys sharp and look forward to the time when I won’t have to open you up at 5am to check the flight schedule, weather or news. Please know that although our time together may not be as frequent in the future, I consider you more than just a business partner, but a trusted companion and I hope that wherever we may go in the future, that we stay in touch and remain on good terms.

Your friend,



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This entry was posted on 08/08/2010 by in communications, electronics, technology.

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