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5 Steps to Serenity

A typical Spring day – overcast and rain – and rightly expected to be followed by sprouting bulbs and flowering willows.  Others, though, dread the thought knowing that along with the beauty of Spring comes the hay fever, pollen and other nasty sidekicks that accompany my favourite season. Except for me, it’s relaxing and therefore puts my allergies to rest for I have an allergy to …. stress! Of all things! I knew my life was stressful, but I had no idea that my body was reacting so badly to it! I found out a few months ago and was admittedly relieved to know that my swollen eyes had nothing to do with a birth defect or malignant error in my DNA. Nope – just stress. My first instinct – can I take the day off work for stress? Pretty poor excuse isn’t it? Instead, the result is a tiny Reactine pill that I take during high stress times and hope that it will fend off whatever my body throws at me. I don’t like having to be dependent on anything, but if this will keep me going during my regularly hectic schedule then so be it! I’ve also looked into taking Vitamin B pills which will help in this process. The pharmacist warned that I won’t feel magically different, but it will help. So now, I have unknowingly run out of room on my bedside table and worry that I’ve gone overboard? Maybe. Maybe not. But in the meantime, I’ve taken it upon myself to actively seek relaxation and avoid stress – something I think not enough of us try to incorporate in to our daily lives or budgets. I’m not planning on blowing my paycheck at the spa, but a little something here or there would be nice. So I’ve compiled a little list of things that may help – feel free to add or make comments to these as you like!

1) Enjoy the weather. Being cooped up in offices sometimes makes me forget how nice it is to take a walk and bask in the sunlight or take a minute to listen to the pitter patter of rain on the windows. It also puts things in perspective – was it really worth it to stay in and play x-box for 3 hrs on a sunny day?

2) Read a good book or take a relaxing bath or better yet, both of them together!

3) Listen to music – and no Green Day or Lady Gaga are not in this category.

2)  Stop letting the little stuff get to you. So what if the laundry stays in the washer longer than it needs to?  So what if the traffic is horrid and you’re 20min late? So what if dinner was burned or you spilt soup on your favourite blouse? Nothing you can do about it now – it’s in the past, so why worry, stress or banter that it happened?  Let it go.

3) STOP worrying! This one’s tough – as a woman, it’s part of our nature to worry. Instead I’m trying to convert the energy used in worrying into a reassurance that knowing myself and my capabilities will lead to good things. Easier said than done. Distraction or alcohol helps.

4) Chocolate – this is the fail safe when all else goes down the toilet. Lindt, Hershey, Cadbury – ice cream, cookies or truffles – it really doesn’t matter. All have the same remarkable affect!

There it is 5 steps to a tranquil Julie 🙂 Wish me luck!


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