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Entertaining Views

I can’t tell how much time I spend watching TV or reading up on entertainment news. I know it’s a waste of time. I know that watching the Grammy’s or reality shows will not enhance my well-being in any way or even relax me – who hasn’t watched “The Bachelor” and not felt anxiety?! But I do it anyway and I don’t know why?! It’s everywhere! It’s there when I wake up to my favorite morning show, it’s there when I sign into my email and it’s there in the newspaper! I can’t be rid of it and I don’t know how I ever escaped in the first place?

It could have been I spent most of my energy on my school work or out with friends. I had a TV and VCR, but no cable. And when abroad, would catch up with shows via internet when time permitted. Now that I’m back though, out of academia and back in North America, I find a lot of my conversations focus around entertainment in two different ways.

The first revolves around films and TV. My main criticism is just that I (and probably most people around me) spend way too much time parked in front of the tube. It’s a compelling force coming out of this little box, moving people to tears, screaming out of fear and stirring anxious minds for an hour or two out of the day. The second revolves around the people on TV and in movies; What couple is headed for divorce? Who will star in the next reality show? or What the actor said about…? When push comes to shove, who cares?

Perhaps it’s just a by-product of under-employment and boredom, but I find  it shocking how the media is able to suck you in and suddenly, before you know it, daily news isn’t news without some sort of talk about TV characters or inquiries into the latest love child or cover-up. Or is it the same traits that make us slow down at a car wreck to see? A little moment to escape from reality?

Admittedly, I, just like everyone else out there, sometimes need to just sit, unwind and not do anything. TV and movies have certainly filled that void. But I think we (especially in Canada and the US) have been doing it too much, otherwise  we wouldn’t be talking about shows so much, we wouldn’t be striving to look like the girls on TV (*not healthy*) and we wouldn’t be influenced to buy products that are promoted by TV and movie stars.

So, I’ve set myself a reasonable limit – no more than 1 hour a day in front of the TV or more than 1 film a week. I think it’s reasonable and it makes me chose wisely what I’m watching – infomercials and Big Brother, be GONE! It also means that the films I watch are going to be well worth the $15 I pay for them at the theater or $5.99 from Blockbuster.

I might spend more time blogging – is the computer a replacement for TV? or learning a new sport? or language? or hanging out with friends? cooking? Who knows? I just know that my psyche, body and peace of mind may well benefit.


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