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Divine Intervention

I’m not a particularly religious person.  I’d consider myself a Christian and was brought up going to church occasionally and on the holidays.  I know the basics and have tremendous respect for religious practices.  So sometimes when there is no explicable answer to things, I turn to God and ask blindly, what the deal is.  Such is the case when I read the newspaper and think when things could have gone so differently. You know, God could have stepped in years ago, changed things around or even looked into the future to see problems arising (I think he has that power) and said ‘oh, I think I can change that around, save those humans down there a lot of grief!’

This idea came to me after reading about the new blood diamonds – the old one’s being the precious stones that fueled civil war and subsequently the subject of a film starring Leonardo DiCaprio – the new ones are rubies; emerals and precious metals that continue to fall into the hands of military juntas, rebels, questionable dictators and corrupt governments.   You know, how hard could it have been for Him to re-arrange where people were put, how a river flowed or where shiny little stones spat up all over the earth.  It certainly would have helped to avoid the chaos that has followed.

Why couldn’t these stones and metals have been found in more peaceful nations, like Lichtenstein or Belize? Perhaps it is actually the riches that they bring that causes the problems.  I find it an intersting topic to explore and I did so in my graduate thesis, but after months of studying, I still turn to the heavens for answers.  And it’s not just stones and metals, it’s oil, it’s endangered species – all that are bountiful in countries that either have social unrest, unaccountable leaders or indifferent populations that just don’t care.

Granted when it was exposed that the world’s elite were financing civil war through diamond sales, inquiries and exposee’s ensued and resulted in a grand scheme that notorized the origin of diamonds, but even that has been criticized as it is very difficult to pinpoint exactly where the stones originated and at what time.  Will the same process be put in place for every other stone out there? with the same ambiguity?

On the other hand, how can you thwart the sale of oil to hostile nations, when oil is exactly that has created the world we live in.  Will we have to succumb to another Iraq? I am a strong supporter of alternative energies, for the benefits that it will bring to nature and the people living on the planet, but also to avoid making ourselves vulnerable to other nations, particularly those rentier states (those that are rich due to the natural resources they employ) that have less than perfect democratic histories.

When thinking just how globalized our world has become; that the pickles on my sandwich come from India; the chips in my computer from China and the clothes on my back from Mexico, picking and choosing who your trading partners are based on their internal politics drastically limits the quantities and types of goods that are available. It’s a crazy world, but fine line’s have to be drawn somewhere.  Either that or we could all just stop what we’re doing and look up and hope that He’s listening.


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This entry was posted on 14/01/2010 by in human rights, International development, wildlife.

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