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Technology at a Crossroads

The first thing I hear every morning when I wake up; before the dog, before the water running and before the alarm, is the December Winter Wind – so incredible that I’ve broken the rules of grammar to emphasize its strength!  I’m shocked! Perhaps it’s been my absence from Canadian winters, or perhaps it’s my attuned sense of hearing that shocks me, but being that she’s here to stay for the next couple months, I hunker down into the down comforter and thank God for the woolly socks Grandma gave me last year.

In the meantime though, millions of other people, not as lucky as I am to work from the comforts of home, brave the temperatures of the early morning, depart their houses before dawn and start the long trudge to work.   I’m lucky that for me, work starts from the moment my foot hits the bottom step – no getting ready for work and between you and me…it’s a relief to not have to a) go out in the winter or b) get dressed (it’s been said that working in pajamas can often breed productivity;).

Technology has come a long way – so long that I can’t ever imagine a life when the phone didn’t exist. Internet and web based technologies have revolutionized commerce, communication; cut down on delivery times, increased efficiency and enabled us to do countless number of…for lack of a better word…really cool stuff!

Little gadgets have permeated my lifestyle so much I no longer need talk to anyone.  My life has been transformed from doing business with other people to doing business with a little gray (I prefer gray) electronic thingy that gets groutchy when the batteries are low.  I read blogs, listen to podcasts, communicate via chat and email. I watch YouTube and listen to the latest hits courtesy of iTunes.  I stay connected via the world’s greatest news network websites and webcasts.  I follow interesting people and organizations via Twitter and keep in touch with friends via facebook.  It’s a wonder even that I can remember how to have a conversaion or remember proper etiquette!  Admittedly, I am starting to miss the odd office gossip and the daily interaction with real life walking and talking people.  The dog doesn’t count.

And so, I’m on the fence – technology good vs. technology bad? It’s enough to make my head spin.  As the end of the work day approaches, all I want to do is wrap myself up in a big blanket, away from the howling wind with a nice cup of herbal tea and savour a good book – so simple, so delightful, it is one of life’s little pleasures that is suredly to persist throughout this technological storm, right?  Wrong… just as I’m about to click off my page, sign off my computer and turn back in to the world around me, a pop-up describing the latest e-book starts blinking at me.  Is this really possible?  I know the iPhone has an ap for it, though expanding it into book-a-like contraption is just absurd.  I see the utility in it of course, but also find it difficult to believe that eReaders and eBooks will be able to give me the same sort of pleasure as flipping through a good paperback, despite the many advantages that it may claim to offer.  Sometimes things are good just as they are, without having to tinker with it, improve it, change it’s shape or speed.


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