Saturday Morning Coffee

International Affairs Specialist by day, Blogger Enthusiast by night. This is a sneak peek into my world that should be enjoyed with ample time and a good and very strong cup of java.

Capitalism, I love you…no, wait,…I hate you!

Tomorrow is Saturday morning – my favourite time of the week.  I like it so much…I named by blog after it! And, I have to work! I have to repeat in my head over and over the Money Mantra. Money equals freedom. Money is your friend. Money will help you on your way to wherever it is your going. Kind of like gas in the car. That’s right – I’m the Mercedes (hmmm…maybe even a porsche!) but I’m fresh out of fuel! And thus, it’s working on Saturday mornings.

I don’t even know what I spend money on anymore.  Ironically, alot of it goes toward gas. The remainder disappears into a sea of sales that seem to put me in a trance until I reach my car and I sit in the driver’s seat with the key in the ignition and my hand on the radio dial, wondering how I ended up getting suckered in again!

Every week I tell myself the same thing – Save, Save, Save! You don’t need that! You already have one! I think I’m ok on Mondays, but by Wednesday, all my efforts are drowned out somewhere between the $10 Tim Horton’s FREE giftcard and the 2 for 1 shampoos. Advirtising and marketing in this country has probably got the highest ranking execs alive! How do that do it?!? I’m amazed and also a bit angry because it’s them who are making me work on Saturday morning! If anyone is to blame, it’s the marketing machines out there! Better yet – it’s capitalism! Capitalism just isn’t working for me anymore.  Nope! I vote for a return to simpler times. The one’s you see in movies where there’s only one type of cheerios in the aisles, where people talk for entertainment, bake their own bread and fix their own cars.  That can be rewarding can’t it?  Seems like now we have so many things to make life easier, so many choices and options and it just keeps getting harder and harder … (ie. working on Saturday mornings).

Well capitalism, ol’ buddy, You are a trooper! You’ve gone through a lot – you were down for so long – remember Eastern Europe? Cuba? China? Vietnam? It was a while before anyone thought you’d recover.  But you’ve done it! And done it well, I might add! You’ve got the world at your feet now and because of it, I bow down reluctantly and prepare myself for that little beeping noise at 630am that says it’s time to do your duty.  My only wish is that I could be as chipper as the morning show hosts that wake me up. Caffeiene and the latest hits – breakfast of champions on a Saturday morning.


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This entry was posted on 14/11/2009 by in Canada, Economics, Globalization.

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