Saturday Morning Coffee

International Affairs Specialist by day, Blogger Enthusiast by night. This is a sneak peek into my world that should be enjoyed with ample time and a good and very strong cup of java.

In Good Company

It doesn’t come around very often, but when it does I like to hold on to it until the wee hours of the morning so that at the end of it, usually accompanying a good bottle, you’ve probably gotten to know the person at the other end of it very well and you feel like mush.  It doesn’t have to be informative.  Doesn’t have to be educated, that’s what lectures are for.  But it can absolutely NOT be dull!!! Part of the fun includes humour, a touch of the unpredictable or the scandalous, and definately a reactionary partner.  These moments come few and far between, so be aware that they’re out there   Usually hubris, culture or a really great band get in the way.  But when it does come around, there’s nothing like it. The great ones are men.  All too often, women crumble under the pressure and move on.  Men, however, most often work hard when they are on a mission and will put in the time it deserves.

It’s true, there’s nothing like a good conversation.


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This entry was posted on 12/11/2009 by in Other.

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