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Bestseller Lists…Really?

I can’t tell how many times I’ve been told to enjoy the time I’ve got while I’m unemployed…sit back, enjoy the sunshine, do the things you love and not to worry about the future. :S I like this thought in theory, but it never works out like that! Like most women, I worry. Worry about the future, worry that my money will run out, worry my dog is sick, worry that my hair will go flat in this heat…. Hence the merciless struggle to reelaaaxxx.

So I did what every Ontarian does on the weekends, I headed North! Off to the cottage I went, armed with an arsenal of reading matieral. Some fluff that will be so juicy that time will fly and it’ll be over before it actually began; Some not so fluffy; a few biographies, a history text, and of course, a few fictions. Then there are these other books, that I’ve just been turned on to: The “How to’s… “How to Network”, “How to set goals”, “How to get what you want!” and many many others – because who would actually use relaxing time to relax? I first picked one up one of these baby’s after a friend suggested I do some research after I expressed my frustrations about the job market over a very large bottle of wine.
And this is how I’m finding out all these little tricks about, “how to talk to secretaries so you can get in touch with the Big Guy” or “how to throw a rockin’ dinner party” etc. And one of them was a little tip for us little people out there with little or no connections/expertise in our fields. Got a pen? Here we go? Research. That’s it. Know everything – know what people are interested in, especially what you think people in your industry might want to know. So off I went to the Bestseller lists to see what sort of information I could scrounge up to drop into my next conversation among the Big Wigs.
My first stop was the NY Times Bestsellers – the cream of the crop, right? Know what the top of the lists showed? Obama bashing books! Obama, the beloved! It’s entirely expected of the last President (what’s his name again?), but Obama?! The guy at the White Sox game and regular Miller drinking Joe? Basically 3 of the 5 bestsellers claim to have found instances of corruption on the top tiers of the administration – gasp! and reveal all in 300 odd pages of Democrats abusing power, democrats hiding money, democrats…blah, blah, blah. It almost makes me want to go out and buy one of these books, just to see what kind of stuff they could come up with. Honestly, a true testament of what word of mouth can do! As a non-American, I know my opinions mean little, but I sincerely doubt that if the American media has not covered it, or rather, beat the story to death, it’s either A) Not very big news or B) Not an inkling of the truth. I can’t decide which is better? The other two on the top where Michael Jackson’s bio and 200 recipes under 200 calories. This is what NY is reading.
I didn’t even bother to check out the Globe and Mail or any Canadian papers for that matter. It took a lot out of me – and didn’t really help in my search for serenity.

So, I put my books back on the shelf and began to shuffle through my drawers, looking for my phone’s hiding spot. God, I miss my email!


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