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A New Beginning

I feel as though I’ve made a G-I-A-N-T leap into Blog-o-sphere and don’t know exactly where I am going to land…but am crossing my fingers and hoping that it will bring me to new places, perhaps meet a few new people and hopefully also get some discussion going on.

I feel like this ‘new beginning’ is also fitting to this chapter of my life; transitioning from grad school and in to my career. By calling it my new beginning, I’m much more comforted in thinking of all that is before me instead of feeling frustrated and stagnant while I play the waiting game – waiting for new jobs, new loves, new adventures.

People that know me best will likely say that I am frequently optimistic and extremely perseverant; traits that have suited me well and have helped me through many, many tough circumstances. Of course, just like everyone else, there are days when I want to hide in bed and eat nothing but ice cream until my teeth fall out. But by 1) not letting little things get to me and 2) believing that the best is yet to come, has done wonders for my own psyche. And if all else fails, it never hurt to take a second look at the newspaper and find loads of people who are in worse shape than I am – it brings a whole new perspective and suddenly my own dreariness turns into an appreciative glow that, in comparison to some other fellow, is pretty darn good!

So, Welcome to my Journey!


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